GRIPZ Fishing Hooks

Gripz Hooks – Made from high grade Japanese wire, the key improvement has been the introduction of a series of minute horizontal grooves on the inside of the specially designed arrow shaped fishing hook point, where historically the barb would have been. These grooves allow the fishing hook to hold securely in the fish’s mouth when pressure is applied, as the flesh presses into the grooves resulting in a firm hook hold with no slippage. As soon as the pressure is removed the hook returns to a barbless format allowing for easy and safe removal.

Simple but so very effective.

The distinct advantages of GRIPZ fishing Hooks are easy to appreciate when you consider hook slippage, fish loss via barbless patterns, hook removal damage and trailing rigs through barbed patterns.

Check out some of our reviews.

“By far and away the strongest, sharpest and most effective hooks i have ever used! Try them and you wont look back”

“To be honest, I wouldn’t use any other hook, just what you need in the armoury”